woensdag 10 september 2008

Migrating from Subversion to a DVCS part 1

Version control. It's absolutely one of the most important parts of a sane development environment. Almost all of my experience with version control is with Subversion (and a bit of Visual SourceSafe, ugh!), but lately I've been thinking about trying out distributed version control. The whole concept of being able to do versioning properly on my local dev-machine is very appealing, and frankly, I'm just interested in learning the inner workings of such a system.

I've set out a plan for migrating one of my current Subversion repositories to a DCVS, probably either Mercurial or Git. To do this, I have a few phases set out:
  • Phase 1: Chosing the appropriate solution. As far as I know, the main options are Mercurial (used by the Mozilla Foundation, among others) and Git (used by the linux kernel development team). I'll have to figure out the pros and cons for these systems and eventually make a decision on which solution to use.

  • Phase 2: Creating a new repository in the DVCS. Basically getting started with a test project in the DVCS I chose in phase 1.

  • Phase 3: Find and use a manual/tutorials on how to migrate my Subversion repository to the DVCS, preferably while keeping the logs I had.

  • Phase 4: Set up hooks for different events, if possible. Continuous integration/nightly builds is something I really want to do for a change.

  • Phase 5: ???

  • Phase 6: Profit!
I'm planning to at least have something running before september, provided that my spare time allows for such a time investment. I sure hope this works out, I hate to invest the time for something I'm not happy with.

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