zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Driving instructions for software development

I just had a moment of deeper understanding in how real life guidelines apply to software development as well (as far as software development isn't real life of course).
When I was taking driving lessons for my license a while ago, my driving instructor gave me a few tips, which with a little creative reasoning apply to software development as well:
  1. Be decisive. Don't hesitate, do what you have to do. When you make a decision, follow through! Don't wait when you don't need to, just do it!
    In sofware development: When in a situation that seems difficult, find a way to solve it or a way around.
  2. When in doubt, don't. Although this might seem to conflict with rule one, it really doesn't. When you think something won't fit, it probably won't. You'll break rule one if you do something when you're in doubt.
    In software development: When you can get a project you're not sure about, try to not take it if at all possible.
  3. Plan ahead. When going somewhere you've never been before (different country, or in software: new technique) do some research about the rules, applications, dos and don'ts.
    In software development: Do some research on the techniques you will have to use before applying them.
  4. Aim for where you want to go, not for what you try to avoid. Set your focus on the goal, not the pitfalls!
    In software development: Solve the hard parts of your problem first, or (again) find a good way around them.
Seems like I got more out of my driving lessons than just my license! Thanks instructor dude!

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